Serving St. Joseph and surrounding areas


Don't let water damage get you down

If you aren't equipped to clean up after a water disaster you may be putting your family at risk. Without proper training in water damage restoration,  you're likely to damage your home further.


We will restore home to original or better conditions.

  • We do our best to salvage your carpet & Padding.

  • We will work with your insurance agency

  • Proper drying & dehumidification

  • Anti-microbial sanitizer applied

  • We re-install and clean your carpets

Water damage restoration

Proper drying techniques for every area of your home

Without properly drying important areas you're setting your home up for problems later. We provide quality drying services for every area in your home.

Whether you're a residential home owner or you own a commercial business, we can help. Allow us to clean your carpets, restore your hardwood flooring, and clean your air ducts and dryer vents.

Residential and commercial service

Allow us to provide you with an estimate of our services. We are more affordable than you think! Call:


Our locally owned and operated business has 45 years of experience restoring water damaged homes and businesses.

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